FORETELL: Flood and Fire Safety Awareness in Virtual World

The FORETELL project emerges from the need to promote a culture of safety in Europe against natural calamities, such as floods and fires.

The FORETELL project aims to prepare children to cope with these environmental hazards, through experiential learning activities (e.g. task-driven simulations or/and educational games etc) which will be designed based on scenarios of “good practices” regarding these hazards and implemented in a 3D virtual world. Upon completion, the project will provide an on-line learning tool that is particularly effective, pervasive and suitable for the target population and the general public. Furthermore, FORETELL aims to empower the profile of the teaching professions in order to adopt novel approaches in teaching and assist the teachers of Natural Sciences providing them with open digital educational material which will be developed in the context of the project.


Project details:

Short name: FORETELL

Programme:  ERASMUS +

Action:  Key Action 2

Call/Action:  Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Start Date:  01/12/2015

End Date: 30/11/2017 (24 Months)