The FORETELL project proposes an ICT- based learning environment, where 3D simulations are developed for educational purposes. The project has a clear multiplying effect: partners come from a variety of sectors and this contributes to the customisation and generalisation of results. Utilisation of the open source concept to all products and structures makes the project outcomes exploitable in all EU countries and worldwide.

The project approach aims to provide the opportunity to all European educators to benefit by increasing their knowledge on innovative technologies and tools and their effective use in education and training.
Moreover, the FORETELL 3D Virtual World Learning Environment (VWLE) constitutes an educational tool on European level for sensitising communities in the need of protection and adoption of appropriate practices, in order to tackle environmental threats and natural hazards. FORETELL has the objective to build solid ground in children's attitude, the citizens of future, of how a society can be prepared adequately for not being vulnerable to catastrophic phenomena.

Through this project more communities can more widely be affected at the local, regional, national, European and international levels. The desired impact of the project relies on:

• raise communities' awareness about taking measures for tackling natural disasters, such as floods and wildfires, acquiring appropriate knowledge and skills.
• raise communities' awareness about investing in mechanisms that aim to the creation of a wide-spread culture of prevention from natural disasters.
• include communities' awareness about natural disasters in the primary and secondary level of education.
• strengthen community participation in dealing with natural disasters, in order to act as a whole.
• strengthen educational practices for communities which use problem solving simulations.
• strengthen partnership between organisations in order to increase the number of similar joint projects or activities.
• build a culture which recognises that dealing with natural disasters constitutes a socio-economic issue.