REPORT of conducted Info day under FORETELL project jointly with National competition “Protection in case of fires, disasters and emergencies”


Period: 19-20 September 2016

Venue: Cultural Center “Sea Casino”, Burgas, Bulgaria


  1. Official guests from Ministry of education, National Palace of children, Burgas Municipality, Burgas District Administration, Bulgarian Red Cross, Civil Protection organizations, NGO
  2. Representatives from 28 schools
  3. 116 children, age 11-15
  4. Project team members – manager, coordinator and expert.


The representatives from Foretell project team were responsible for the overall organization and holding of the event which took place on September 19 and 20 with the following activities:


September 19:
12.00-14.00  – Arrival and accommodation of the official guests, project team members, children and their leaders at Hotel Avenue Burgas.

At 15.30 has started the Technical conference of the National competition “Protection in case of fires, disasters and emergencies”. Stefan Stefanov was responsible for their conducting too. They discussed recent changes in the rules, specific places of the working centers, there was definitely the draw, judges, etc.    

Our main activity under the Info day implementation started at 16.00. The venue was conference room in Cultural Center “Sea casino”. This is very interesting building in the sea garden of Burgas, located just above the seacoast.



For the press conference we had prepared and distributed to the participants informational materials – branded folders, info lists and pens.



Conference room was equipped with all necessary technical issues like screen, projector, wireless microphones, multi-channel sound system. We had and two roll-up banners branded with project and partner’s logos.


On the background of 1st promotional project video, the event started with introductory words of our project manager Stefan Stefanov.


We proceed with presentation and general overview of Foretell project. The lector was project coordinator Emil Stefanov and the main issues discussed were initiating and need of the project, target groups, funding authority, project partnership, main and specific goals etc. There was presented and the second project video with Bulgarian subtitles.



The second presentation was presented from one of ours project experts Lyuben Yanchovski. It was targeted on the detailed explanation of the project activities. He started with list of all project activities of the four partners and our final goal – designed, developed and functional 3D virtual world learning environment. After that he proceed with detailed information for already completed activities – developed multilingual online Questionnaire, target groups data collection, developed report on the user requirement and user needs analysis. He presented statistic regarding the number of received filled questionnaires, types of target groups, attitude and opinion of the teachers and children, indentified knowing gaps and achieved results of the children.

Attention was paid on our second activity – scenarios of good practices against floods and fires. There were presented developed 14 scenarios and their connection with awareness needs of end users indentified from the analysis procedure.



After presentations Stefan Stefanov answered to several questions from the participants regarding questionnaires, the deadline for development of the 3D game, the manner of its installation and use, upcoming activities.

In the end of press conference we distributed promotional materials (branded backpacks and raincoats) to all of the participants and collect their feedbacks. According to the participants list we had 41 representatives from the above mentioned institutions and organizations, but in fact they were more then 50.



At the end we organized small coffee break.


In form of written questions we receive 41 anonymous feedbacks. The overall assessment of the event is with positive result:

  • in terms of satisfaction from venue, date, group size, promotional materials and coffee break, most of the participants answer “Rather Yes”
  • in terms of satisfaction from presentations, most of the participants answer “Strongly Yes”
  • in terms of satisfaction from project objectives and activities, most of the participants answer “Strongly Yes”


At the same time children had their theoretical part of the competition - Quizzes and written case studies.



September 20:

The day started with official opening of the competitions.


Then we presented the project to the children – Stefan provide a summary of project goals and especially the expected result 3D virtual game. We distributed to the children printed Info list and T-shirts with project name and logo.



The practical part of the competition started at 09.30.

There were 4 different disciplines:


Earthquakes preparedness actions




Actions in case of flood




Actions in case of fire and chemical incident




First medical aid in case of incidents



Of course the event ended with awarding of the winners (the best teams received backpacks from project).


FORETELL project team receives from Director of Civil Protection Burgas a Certificate for contribution to the National competition “Protection in case of fires, disasters and emergencies”.