The Patras Science Festival (PSF) was successfully hosted on Wednesday 10 May until Saturday 13 May at the premises of the Hellenic Open University in Perivola, Patras, but also in selected venues in the city center, with key theme "Discover Science in Your Everyday Life".

More than 3,500 visitors, most of whom were students from primary and secondary schools in Western Greece, had the opportunity to follow closely the Festival's activities. The Hellenic Open University hosted 48 researchers, academic and educational organizations, 41 different interactive events, 13 workshops for children, 15 lectures, 7 workshops, 2 art and science exhibitions and documentaries for all ages.

The FORETELL project participated in this important cultural event, not only in the field of Science but also Technology and Innovation. The project partners from Hellenic Open University demonstrated FORETELL during 10th to 12th May. The project managed to attract the attention and interest of young children, adolescents and adults to the 3D virtual world learning environment. Particularly positive sense and impressions made the natural phenomena with which FORETELL deals, floods and fires, because, as most visitors have said, they are not common subjects of study in relation to other natural phenomena.

The project partners had also created a list of visitors so that, after the short briefing on the project, its aims etc, the teachers who escorted the students, would sign, while the children got acquainted with the virtual world. The total number of measured visitors who were informed about FORETELL is 470 students and their teachers.