FORETELL consortium is set according to the objectives of the project and the partners’ expertise required to successfully carry out the planned activities. More specifically, the consortium consists of 4 partners from 4 European countries (Greece, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria). Our partners act in the fields of education, ICT technologies and immersive learning, civil protection.

Hellenic Open University (HOU, has vast experience in the application of distance learning and e-learning methodologies, as well as in the development of learning activities in on-line 3D virtual worlds aiming at supporting experiential learning. This experience has already been applied during the implementation of internal and European projects. HOU will provide the technical support and equipment for the needs of this project, designing, developing and hosting the 3D virtual world learning environment. The Software Quality Assessment Laboratory of HOU offers highly specialised personnel and equipment for the evaluation of the VW learning environment in relation to the end user needs, also carrying out formative usability evaluation on the first version of the learning environment.

FELCOS Umbria ( is a non-profit association composed of Local Authorities and public, private and associative actors of the regional territory of Umbria. It promotes the human sustainable development, both at international and local level, through the implementation of national and international projects that starting from the local level also affect the global level and vice-versa. FELCOS Umbria realises activities for awareness raising and education in global citizenship. They have been realising development education projects with schools and Local Authorities, targeting students, teachers, families. FELCOS brings also the experiences and excellences of its members, its territorial partners and network. In particular, they have specific experience on Civil Protection(CP) topics through the international cooperation and territorial projects with schools realised through its member ANCI Umbria-National Association of Italian Municipalities, whose team for CP has developed an important experience of CP within the Municipalities and schools. Therefore, FELCOS Umbria will act as a link to a large number of end users and stakeholders for the dissemination and pilot testing of the final system.

The 3D virtual world learning environment that will be created by HOU requires specific scenarios designed to facilitate younger users' knowledge and awareness of natural hazards. Here is where Chief Directorate, Fire Safety and Civil Protection Directorate General, Ministry of Interior, Bulgaria, (FSCP DG,, will contribute, using their expertise. Firstly, they will lead the end user needs collection and analysis phase and secondly, they will develop the scenarios of good practices and the educational material regarding the specific environmental hazards, that is floods and fires. Furthermore, FSCP DG will also act as a link to a large number of end users and stakeholders for the pilot testing of the final system as well as its further dissemination.

The University of Malta (UOM,, Faculty of Education, will contribute through their wide research on Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) which explores issues such as the use of open learning resources, the integration of digital technology in teaching and learning, the technology acceptance and readiness of teachers, students, professionals and parents for TEL and for game-enhanced learning. Based on the user needs and the proposed scenarios, UOM is the partner that will propose the pedagogical framework of the project and they will design all learning activities and simulations for the 3D VW learning environment. This activities will be materialised in 3D interactive realistic settings by HOU.