FELCOS Umbria, the Fund of Local Authorities for Decentralized Cooperation and Sustainable Human Development, is a non-profit association, established in 2007, composed of Local Authorities and public, private and associative actors of the regional territory of Umbria. FELCOS is a network that works to promote human sustainable development, both at the international and at the local level, through the implementation of projects that starting from the local level also affect the global level and vice versa.

For this purpose FELCOS Umbria mobilizes and networks the experiences, excellences, know-how and innovation of the territorial system of Umbria, in order to participate to the global challenges against poverty and for the sustainable development based on the fair and aware use of resources, a fair distribution of wealth and that recognizes the local dimension as the main driving force for a responsible growth.

At the international level FELCOS realizes development cooperation projects with other countries within partnerships relationships, building exchange opportunities on sustainable development topics.

In the territory of Umbria, FELCOS carries on several activities and projects of awareness raising and education in global citizenship addressed to the schools and society, informative and training initiatives addressed to Local Authorities, initiatives for the promotion of practices of good governance, participation, inclusion, integration and sustainable development.

Over the years FELCOS Umbria has realised several decentralized cooperation projects in support of local development in twelve different countries in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe and Latin America, mobilizing important financial resources and involving the territory of Umbria in international challenges, in collaboration with important national and international institutions, such as the European Union and the United Nations Development Program.


Website: www.felcos.it