Fire Safety and Civil Protection Directorate General (FSCP DG) is the Bulgarian national specialized structure for ensuring fire safety, rescue and protection in case of disasters. FSCP DG is structured into a central level administration and at regional level there are 28 territorial structures established and functioning in each district of the country.

The main activities of FSCP DG are:

  • Prevention and control; fire extinguishing and state fire control;
  • Emergency rescue and recovery activities;
  • Operational protection in case of floods and search and rescue operations;
  • CBRN protection in case of incidents and accidents with dangerous substances and materials and mitigation of ecological incidents;
  • Early warning and alert in case of disasters and aerial danger of the executive authorities and the population;
  • Civil protection in case of “wartime” or “emergency situation”;
  • Operational cooperation with the EU, NATO structures and other international organizations in the field of fire safety and civil protection, humanitarian aid and civil-military emergency planning.

The prevention activity includes social public events, information and awareness-raising campaigns and trainings targeted at the population comprising fields such as: fire safety, fire "safe behavior", safe reaction and protection in cases of natural disasters and emergency situations and necessary protective measures. Prevention activity also includes participation of the experts in various workshops and working groups for the elaboration and adoption of guidelines, rules and procedures targeted at trainings for disasters protection. The overall strategic goal of these activities is the development of the basic skills and building of a "disaster resilient" behavior and a culture of disaster awareness among stakeholders by using an educational and training approach.